We Suck Young Blood

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The story thus far ….

The unlucky allies first came together in the dimly lit smokey recesses of the Pink Pussycat Club over a shared appreciation of Russian cigarettes and blues music. Zeke, Raven and Katja spent several years whiling away the long nights with meaningless conversation and speculation as to the nature of their individual circumstances.

The evening started out innocently enough; it was the height of Mardi Gras and the coterie were braving the crowds to get to the Pink Pussycat. As they passed an alley, Zeke and Katja were assaulted by two ghouls, who tried to drag them toward a black sedan. The ghouls were no match for the Kindreds’ strength, but bit down on suicide pills before they could be questioned.

At the Pink Pussycat, a chance encounter with Jake Almerson enquiring as to the whereabouts of his friend Peter didn’t initially merit much attention. However it brought to their collective attention a slew of mysterious disappearances within the kindred community.

The group were summoned to Prince Marcel’s haven. Marcel, whose agents had learned of the encounter with the ghouls, was distrusting and decreed the coterie should investigate the mysterious disappearances. He sent them to the offices of the NOSTF, where they hacked into one of the computers. Just as they were retrieving the relevant information, Detective Robert Carter burst through the door with two loaded crossbows in hand, and a hasty retreat through the back window was made.

The coterie had discovered that the NOSTF had an eye witness to one of the disappearances, however his location was a closely guarded secret. It was decided that they would consult Roxy, a seductive Vulpine informant known to the group the following evening.

The next evening upon arriving at the Pink Pussycat club the group met two new arrivals to New Orleans, Alek Gabriel Daks and Angelica Dawn. Alec and Angelica were trying to locate an individual called the Practioner. The coterie absorbed the two newcomers, hoping that strength in numbers would help both groups find answers to their respective searches.

Meeting with Roxy didn’t go as planned. Alec did his best to offend her, Angel stared at her and purred sporadically, whilst Zeke was distracted by the sparkly tassels on her outfit and kept muttering “How did I not know there was a strip club upstairs? For fuck’s sake I have been coming to the Pink Pussycat for years…how did I not know?” Needless to say, the group did not make a great impression. Initial impression notwithstanding, Roxy told the group that the witness was being held in Lupine territory.

The initial evening scouting the location led to an abortive attempt to secure the witness. Katja tried to get in by using her powers to entrance a guard and feed him blood, but the group was forced to beat a hasty retreat when the replacement shift arrived unexpectedly.

Once again, the group consulted Roxy, who told them that the witness had been moved to a different safe-house in Lupine territory. The group cut the power to the house and threw smoke bombs inside. A brief scuffle ensured and the witness was “liberated”, from a very subjective view point, from the house.

After questioning the witness it was discovered that his name was Charlie Grisham. Charlie remembered being dragged into an alley, a black sedan with a New York license plate, a white guy with blonde hair, and a girl, before the cops found him.

On the way to taking Charlie to the Prince, the group was surrounded by 12 people and escorted to meet the General of the Phoenix Society. Whilst the General’s ultimate purposes remained unclear, the group was certain of two things,

1) As far as political maneuvering went, the General was not a fan of Prince Marcel, and that this meant the group was up a certain type of creek without a paddle
2) Alec may never be on the General’s Christmas list.

Notwithstanding an extremely awkward social situation, the General informed the group that vampires were disappearing all over the country, as well as mortals. Additionally he told the group that contrary to what Prince Marcel had told them, he was aware of these other disappearances and that the victims/abductees were only kept in New Orleans for a short time.

The General also mentioned that the Were-rats or the Nosferatu possibly had an idea where the victims would held. After consulting with Roxy, she told the group that the Were-rats were in the sewers like they were meant to be, and managed to arrange a meeting with a Nosferatu named Martin.

Martin informed the group that agents of the Elders had secretly been arriving in the city in vast numbers and he had no idea why. Roxy suggested the group discuss matters with Uriah Travers, a Kindred hermit who lived outside New Orleans.

On the way the Uriah’s cabin, two Were-alligators attacked to group. The Were-alligators very nearly managed to pull Zeke into the swamp, but Alec managed hold the Were-alligators with the force of his mind long enough for Katja to subdue the Were-alligators with her Dread Gaze. The group exsanguinated the one Were-alligator and took some of its teeth.

Uriah told the group that the agents of the Elders were trying to buy Kindred slaves at an auction. He also suggested that some outside force may have been controlling the Were-alligators by possibly having stolen their eggs.

After sharing what the group had learnt with Roxy, she suggested that the group investigate Haight, who has been enquiring as to the vampire auctions and was reportedly staying in the Jackson inn. After Raven, Katja and Angel gave Haight (who was discovered to be a Mage and possibly planning to use it to extend his life) their blood, he disclosed that he was to meet Raymond in a parking garage at 4 am for further details.

The group went to the parking garage and waited for Raymond to show. He tried to escape in a car when he saw the group, however they managed to shoot out the tires and wound Raymond’s co-conspirator. Zeke managed to follow Raymond back by foot to the warehouse and overheard that the auction was happening at the Pump house the next night.



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